36 NAACP Summer Youth Program Participants Receive Scholarships from International College

Yesterday, 36 students -- ranging in ages from 13 to 16 -- received a CHANCE scholarship and a certificate of completion for successfully participating in the Third Annual 2004 NAACP Summer Youth Program. The workshop, held at no cost to the students, was held three hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays over an eight-week period and was voluntarily taught by International College faculty and staff. Workshops covered various subjects each week, including math, writing, computer and life skills.

To qualify for the scholarships, students had to meet specific criteria, including good attendance, classroom participation, and good behavior. The following students qualified to receive a two-year CHANCE Scholarship offered by International College:

Jean Baldriche, 13, Golden Gate                       Flolecia Senatus, 13, Immokalee

Melissa Carvajal, 12, Golden Gate                    Takoya Smith, 14, Golden Gate                       

Yeimi Castaneda, 13, Immokalee                      Catrecia Stubbs, 16, Fort Myers

Reyna Christi, 16, Immokalee               Jumely Sylveus, 16, Golden Gate

Gaelle Colas, 13, Immokalee                            Mary Trevino, 13, Immokalee

Angel Delarosa, 15, Golden Gate                      Matthew Twitty, 15, Golden Gate

Delou Dorvilus, 13, Golden Gate                      Leonel Velasquez, 15, Immokalee

Shelda Desvilles, 14, Golden Gate                    Rosemary Viera, 14, Golden Gate

Melissa Garza, 13, Golden Gate                       Holly Vingson, 14, Golden Gate

Monica Gomez, 14, Immokalee                        Courtney Wilson, 14, Golden Gate

Maday Gonzalez, 14, Golden Gate                   Donnell Wilson, 13, Golden Gate

Jonathan Hampton, 16, Golden Gate

Carlotta Jackreece, 14, Golden Gate

Timothy Jackreece, 13, Golden Gate

Chrislene Jean, 15, Golden Gate

Marc Hewens Jean, 13, Immokalee

Wickenson Jean Louis, 14, Naples

Bruna Pierre, 13, Immokalee

Donna Manius, 15, Immokalee

Yvena Polydor, 13, Golden Gate

Julia Pulling, 13, Golden Gate

Eddy Ramos, 13, Golden Gate

Leslie Rodriguez, 15, East Naples

Joshua Ross, 14, Golden Gate

Djeunie Saint Louis, 13, Golden Gate

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