Hodges University Announces Dean’s List and Honor Roll for Learning Site Locations

Hodges University congratulates 70 full-time students attending classes at learning site locations in Cape Coral, Key West and Immokalee as well as Charlotte, Manatee, Pasco and Hernando counties, finished the summer 2008 term with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

Comprised of students enrolled within Hodges University’s Kenneth Oscar Johnson School of Business, School of Professional Studies and School of Technology, students achieving recognition on the Dean’s List are as follows: Qasem A. Abdel-Hadi, Todd E. Anderson, Amber M. Archer, Andrea Arsenault, Nicholas Batz, Nicole L. Bishop, Jody L. Cadman, Tomaso Calicchio, David L. Calloway, Valerena U. Candy, Amanda G. Chamberlain, Cheryl N. Charles, Summer R. Chavarria, Susan D. Christian, Deborah L. Clark, Joan D. Coddington, Susan E. Davidson, Gary A. Disher, Jr., Sarah A. Duncan, Edythe L. Dushek, Corrine R. Ertl, Nicole M. Forrest, Henry T. Gardner, Cristy N. Gibson, Eric A. Goodson, Debra A. Gould-Avery, Francesca M. Grantham, Katie J. Hartman, Valerie D. Herron, Karen J. Hray, Nadia Klausing-Hall, Paul A. Latham, Mark D. LePera, Tiffany R. Leffin, Lisa M. Little, Mike L. Little, Cynthia L. Loftis, Jessica Lopez, Christopher J. Montalbano, Kim M. Moore, Vanessa T. Myers, Alexandra E. Noyes, Cynthia R. Oathout, Michelle T. Pacheco, Deborah S. Pattison, Lizandra Perrone, Randy A. Petroskey, Robin K. Pinkerman, Lorraine J. Pioszak, Bradley J. Pugh, Jennifer L. Rado, Richard A. Rietz, Britney J. Riley, Virginia Y. Ross, Dawn M. Sager, Ivan H. Schere, Melinda L. Shaw, Heather L. Staggs, Adriann P. Stewart, Yvette L. Stoddart, Elin A. Tate, Tonya Thomas-Schrott, Michael T. Thompson, Che A. Toles, Marcus Valone, Carrie A. Walden, Launa A. Walker, Jamie L. Williams, Amanda J. Wisniewski and Charmaine R. Wolfe

The list of students who have made the Honor Roll has also been released. To qualify, students must achieve a grade point average of 4.0 while attending part-time. The list is comprised of students within Hodges University’s Kenneth Oscar Johnson School of Business, School of Professional Studies and School of Technology.

The summer 2008 Honor Roll consists of Judi M. Aber, David C. Felix, Charles F. Gaughf, Lisa M. Lanham, Sylvia A. Munoz, Connie L. Nakoneczny, Melissa J. Plyler and Joshua N. Shelton.

Hodges University congratulates these hard-working students on their scholastic achievements.

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