Hodges Director of Advancement to be recognized in Dominican Republic

Hodges University announced today that Dr. Louis J. Traina, Vice President of University Advancement at Hodges University, will be recognized by the City of Santiago, Dominican Republic.  Dr. Traina will be the featured speaker at “Meet the Future Leaders of the Dominican Republic” a special presentation to be held on July 3, 2009 in Santiago. The program, hosted by La Fundacion Internacional Dominicana, will be held in honor of high school students who will visit the Southwestern region of Florida on a youth leadership and service mission program in October, 2009.

Dr. Traina sees the program as a win-win for both countries. “For several years the American Council on Education has been stressing the importance of helping students develop the competence to function effectively in a global environment,” he said. “Understanding other cultures, the global economy and the interdependence of nations are all fundamental for students the world over. Stressing the importance of a good education makes the future goals of these young people achievable even quicker today and will continue to do so. The end result will provide highly skilled leaders of the future. I am very honored to be part of this exciting program.”

Dr. Traina’s visit is being sponsored by the Hispanic American Business Alliance (HABA), an area business organization that works to promote and support the success of the business and professional community at the local and international level. According to Founder and President Leonardo Garcia, the selection of Dr. Traina and Hodges University was mainly due to its excellence in diversity.

“The impressive growth in the Hispanic student population, speaks highly of the university’s leadership and staff,” said Garcia.  “Additionally, with the creation of the Hispanic Institute, Hodges University has become a strong leader in the Hispanic community in our area and has elevated this region to the same level as cities like Boston and New York, which have universities with Latino Institutes.  

“The Mayor of Santiago, Jose E. Sued Sem, who recently visited our area, is aware of the work Hodges University is doing in the Latino community.”

Garcia went on to say that Dr. Traina was specifically selected because of his experience in various leadership programs and the important role he plays as Vice President of Advancement at Hodges University. 

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