International College to Offer Mini-Semester Within Its Fall 2004 Term; Schedule Addition Made in Response to Meet Needs of Students Affected by The Hurricane Season

International College announces the addition of a mini-semester to its Fall 2004 schedule. Mini-semester courses will be offered at the Naples and Fort Myers locations.

The mini-semester schedule – an abbreviated, intensively concentrated six- or seven-week period of instruction containing the equivalent amount of material and credit offered in the standard International College semester of 15 weeks – is being offered to accommodate students who were unable to register for the Fall term due to the unusually active hurricane season or other life circumstances.

Mini-semester classes begin on Saturday, October 30, for undergraduate students. They will meet every Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. for seven weeks and earn 12 credit hours.

The courses offered within the undergraduate program fall under two bachelor degree programs: Management (BSM) and Interdisciplinary Studies programs (IDS). They will be taught in an accelerated format.

The BSM mini-semester accelerated-format courses are: Finance for Managers, Leadership for Managers, and Diversification Process in the Workplace.

The IDS mini-semester accelerated-format courses are: Strategic Planning & Evaluation, Professional Communication Concepts, and Applied Research Methodologies.

Graduate students enrolled in the mini-semester begin on Saturday, November 6, and will take two courses: Research Methods and Management Processes. Students will meet every Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. for six weeks and earn between 3 or 6 credits – depending on how many classes they take. Half the coursework in the graduate mini-semester will be conducted in-class; the other half will be conducted online.

The two graduate courses being offered are multidisciplinary within the Public Administration, Business Administration, Criminal Justice, and Management master degree programs.

Administration approved the mini-semester format after learning that several International College students were unable to start school during the regular term due to hurricane-related setbacks. Additionally, many International students are employed as emergency response professionals, such as nurses, firefighters, and police. Therefore, when these students were called to assist the community in recovery efforts, they were unable to register in time for the regular fall term, explained Jeanette Brock, J.D., Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs.

“The mini-semester will allow our students to stay on track and not lose a whole semester due the various hurricanes that have impacted our area,” Brock said. “This scheduling addition demonstrates International College’s ability to be responsive during times of crisis and provide solutions to assist our students.”

Financial Aid is available during the mini-semester for students who qualify. For more information or to register for the mini-term, contact the Admissions office in Naples at 513-1122, or in Fort Myers at 482-0019.
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