Hodges to offer free two-session lecture on the history of Bhutan

The Frances Pew Hayes Center for Lifelong Learning (CLL) at Hodges University will present a free two-session lecture on the history and culture of Bhutan. The first lecture will be held on Friday, March 30 from 10:00 am to 11:30 am at the Hodges University Science and Technology building, 2655 Northbrooke Drive, just off I-75, in Naples. The second lecture in the series will follow on April 13.

During the first lecture, a documentary on the Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan and its development policy of “Gross National Happiness” will be shown. During the second lecture, guests who have visited Bhutan will offer insight as to what they witnessed, and will provide participants with personal views on this unique kingdom. Panelists will also answer questions based on their experiences while on a recent month-long visit to Bhutan.

Bhutan is a country where the peoples’ happiness is the guiding principle of government. The people of Bhutan see all life as sacred, a land with abundant renewable energy, and a nation committed to preserving nature and its culture.  Can a place like Bhutan really exist in this day and age?  Can such ideals be realized?  Can this small, geographically isolated country tucked away in the Himalayans truly protect its environment and culture as they open their doors to the West?  With Bhutan’s entry into the global marketplace, the introduction of television, advertising and the social pressures of consumerism, can Bhutan maintain this delicate balance? All of these questions will be answered during the 2-part lecture. 

This session of the CLL is free of charge and open to the public, but pre-registrations are requested. For more information, please contact Sarah Eldridge at (239) 598-6210.

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