Hodges University announces winter 2010 scholarship recipients

Hodges University is proud to announce the recipients of several private scholarships for the winter 2010 semester. The private scholarships of Hodges University are available through the generous donations of benefactors and foundations who wish to assist students to reach their academic goals by offering financial assistance in the form of scholarships.

Lavern N. Gaynor Scholarship: Named after the University’s 1997 Humanitarian of the Year, this scholarship provides tuition assistance to individuals pursuing the benefits of higher education. Scholarships were awarded to Samanda Senat, Eden Parente, Suzan Gallucci, Bobbye Russum, Maxine Whitaker, Catherine J.S. Nadeau and Cristi M. Hennellls.

Neno J. Spagna Scholarship: This scholarship, established in 1993, provides financial assistance to worthy students who want to use their knowledge and abilities to improve the lives of others through the betterment of the community. The latest recipients of this scholarship include Danielle Gumina, Kathryn Perkins, Javier Prado Hernandez, Lois Caniglia, Maria Desouza, Marcia Figueroa, Kathleen M. Stephan, Samantha Williams, Robert Berens and Ken Wong.

Earl and Thelma Hodges Scholarship: Named after the University’s namesakes, this scholarship provides tuition assistance to individuals pursuing the benefits of higher education. The winter term recipients are Timothy O’Leary and William Wyatt.

The Jerry L. and Barbara J. Burris Foundation Scholarship: This award, named after Jerry and Barbara Burris, is designed to provide financial support to a single parent, male or female. This term, the scholarship is being presented to Amy Lovett and Liliana Quintero.

Jerry and Arlene Nichols Scholarship: Named after the University’s 2008 Humanitarians of the Year, this scholarship provides tuition assistance to individuals pursuing the benefits of higher education. Recipients for the winter semester include Angela Molina, Pedro Almeida, Darlene Delacruz, Peter Phan, Valdilene Lucas de Lima and Rose Francois. 

Terry and Christine Flynn Scholarship: Named after the University’s 2009 Humanitarians of the Year, recipients for the winter semester include Carol N. Tofino, Jamie Carioggia, Margarita Gonzalez, Danielle Pierce, Denise Ciancaglini, Ruth Vergara, Daniel A. Dickout and Maritza N. Schroeder.

Friends of the University: This scholarship is funded by donations from private donors, institutional fund raising and other sources. The winter 2010 recipients are Antonio Giovanni Bianco, Silvana Sapone (Russell), Cecilia Buitrago, Chrisanndro Smith, Dorothea Tocco, Gino Hydes, Bethany Lehman, Colleen D. Marley, Eunice Milien, Joan C. Miller, Jessenia Peralta and Arthur Walter Redman. 

Other scholarship winners include Angelica Maria Martinez and Janette Hendricks who were awarded the Moorings Park Foundation Scholarship.

To be awarded a scholarship, a student must either submit an essay on a particular topic or maintain a certain level of GPA, specific to each scholarship. For more information, contact Dr. Ron Bowman, Dean of Students, at (239) 513-1122.

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