International College Professor to Present Co-Authored Study at Conference in England

International College Business Professor Don Forrer will attend the Association for Healthcare Technology and Management Conference in Warwick, England September 7-9, to present a co-authored directed study measuring Return On Investment by Florida hospitals for Information Technology.

The paper, an ongoing study entitled “The Examination of Return on Investment for Information Technology in Healthcare, was selected among 23 papers to be presented at the conference at the University of Warwick, Warwick Business School. The paper was co-authored by Forrer, Economics Professor Aysegul Timur, and graduate student/NCH Healthcare System Project Manager for Information Technology Michael Chapin.

“I feel very honored because it is a pure health technology conference that was limited to a small amount of papers,” Forrer said. “I also feel good about the fact that this is a collaborative paper between student and faculty. It’s an honor that the judges felt this paper was worthy of selection for this esteemed international conference.”

This is the second phase of the paper, which researches 285 Florida hospitals. The goal, Forrer explained, is to create a model for including Return on Investment in all phases of implementation of new technology in Florida hospitals. The research includes 46 respondents to the survey. Hospitals that did not respond initially were mailed another survey questions two weeks ago. There are now more than 70 hospital respondents to the survey.

The study examines ROI used in measurement, decision-making and implementation of computer systems. One portion of the study reveals that 20 percent of the hospital respondents do not measure Return on Investment.

“I would think people would want to measure Return on Investment. It would be important to measure ROI on something as expensive as technology,” Forrer said. “I’m interested to see if this trend continues as we get more surveys in.”

This is the second time Chapin and Forrer’s directed studies paper has been selected for a prestigious conference. In April, the paper was one of about 300 selected for presentation the Production and Operations Management Society (POMS) annual international conference in Savannah, Ga.

Chapin said he was surprised, yet honored, by the invitation to the England conference.

“I feel very privileged that the work that I put into this paper is being recognized,” Chapin said. “Our team is diligent about making sure our health care technology decisions result in the most efficient and effective outcomes for everyone involved.”

Chapin notes that Return on Investment for information technology in the healthcare industry is an important issue for patients, employees and hospital managers. The systems are needed to streamline productivity of each patient’s care, reduce duplications, improve employee satisfaction, promote risk reductions and help prevent medical errors.

The next phase of the directed studies research is to create an empirical paper that will support the proposed model. Both men also plan to seek the study’s publication in a refereed journal, Forrer said.
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