International College Joins A National Academia Consortium and Will Host Kickoff Meeting

(January 7, 2004) International College has joined a new national academia consortium, called ADNAC (Alliance for Delivering National Academia Courses), and will host a kickoff meeting at its Naples campus on Friday.

ADNAC is a one-stop portal made up of Historically Black Colleges and Universities/Minority Institutions (HBCU/MI) and other institutional members that will provide virtual educational and information delivery to industry, government, and other clients who seek educational opportunities in a virtual environment.

Daytona Beach-based Bethune-Cookman College houses the HBCU/MI Project Office (HPO), which was established to provide research, development, and training to the federal government and to corporations. In the past 7 years, the HPO’s research and development arm, called HMIRA, has attained over $35 million in government and commercial contracts. ADNAC, formed three months ago, is the HPO’s educational arm.

In December, ADNAC was awarded a contract to provide educational services to the 63,000 federal employees of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). The contract goes into effect in the Spring. HHS employees will select the ADNAC- member school based on the type of degree they need to earn. Courses from all ADNAC-member schools will be offered to HHS employees in an online format.

ADNAC is made up of the following educational members: Excelsior College, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, Florida Community College – Jacksonville, Grambling State University, Bethune-Cookman College, International College, J.F. Drake Technical College, Morgan State University, North Carolina Central University, Oakwood College, State University of New York – Maritime College, Tennessee State University, Tuskegee University, University of District of Columbia, and Wilberforce University.

Don Forrer, International College Director of Distance Education, said he is excited about the partnership and its potential impact on International College.

“Participation in ADNAC gets our foot in doors that were previously closed to us,” Forrer said. “The biggest advantage to this consortium is that it allows International College to participate in government contracts to deliver educational services that we would normally not be able to provide on our own.”

International College will provide the following degrees as part of the ADNAC consortium: Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies, Bachelor of Science in Management, Master of Public Administration, and Master of Information Systems Management.

Hank Valentine, CEO of Bethune-Cookman’s HPO, said ADNAC educational members will have to compete aggressively to recruit HHS employees as students, but believes there will be enough employees to go around. In addition, HHS’s training officers will work with ADNAC members in recruiting efforts.

“The overall hope is to offer a virtual university to anyone who needs an education. We really want to bring historically black colleges and universities, minority institutions, and other participating institutions to the forefront. Through the alliance of our member schools, we will be able to offer a wide curriculum of courses,” Valentine said. “What this really offers students who enroll is the opportunity to go to a college of their choice without having to leave home. We really want to bring college courses to people who can’t otherwise attend a traditional brick-and-mortar campus.”

All ADNAC educational members and corporate partners will be in attendance at Friday’s meeting to discuss the alliance and the HHS contract.

For more information visit the ADNAC website at Corporate ADNAC Partners include: Lockheed Martin Systems Management, International Business Machines (IBM), SMART Technology, Inc., American Distance Education Consortium, TeCCRA SDN, LLC, and Tec-Masters, Inc.
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