International College Announces NAACP Summer Youth Program Scholarship Recipients

Twenty students participating in the NAACP Summer Youth Program at International College received scholarships to the College for successfully completing the nine-week program. The scholarship recipients are listed alphabetically by last name and area of residence:


Fernanne Andris, Immokalee

Kezia Atengdem, Naples

Michelle Atengdem, Naples

Jephie Bernard, Immokalee

Marceline Charles, Immokalee

Vanessa Derisme, Naples

Jaquie Francois, Naples

Oliverio Gutierrez, Immokalee

Suerene Hall, Immokalee

April Hurley, Naples

Phillip Hurley, Naples

Merline Jacques, Naples

Louna Jacques, Naples

Sharonya Johnson, Naples

Shaneovia Miller, Naples

Fernando Montes, Immokalee

Jocelyn Morgan, Naples

Gladys Rosier, Immokalee

Brittney Townsend, Naples

Jose Victoria, Immokalee
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