International College Hires Former Pentagon Official For New Anti-Terrorism Courses

With the launch of new classes focusing on terrorism and intelligence gathering, students of International College are benefiting by having an instructor uniquely qualified to teach such subjects.

Marian Mosser, a retired Lt. Colonel and the U.S. Army’s former Senior Anti-terrorism Officer, previously managed the Intelligence and Operations Center at the Pentagon.

As a professor in International College’s Criminal Justice Program, Mosser embodies more than 25 years of experience in combating and safeguarding against terrorist acts.

In addition to holding a Master’s Degree in Military Arts & Science, Mosser has a keen understanding of international security matters due to a long and varied role in service to our nation.

A 1976 enlistee of the U.S. Army, Mosser went on to command a military intelligence detachment in Germany where she was often assigned the task of protecting U.S. officials from the German Red Army terrorist group and other radical factions.

By 1991, Mosser had established an anti-terrorism cell responsible for providing warnings and intelligence to both military and civilian authorities during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Her 1992 report of this effort led to a published study on combating terrorism.

Mosser eventually accepted assignment to the Pentagon where she was responsible for advising as to potential terrorist threats and making recommendations on how to guard against such attacks worldwide.

She has been a liaison to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency and the National Security Council during the course of her highly respected career.

From assisting in the investigation involving Pan Am Flight 103 (bombed over Lockerbie, Scotland, in 1988) to overseeing a joint military, reconnaissance and surveillance mission prior to the deployment of U.S. troops to Bosnia, Mosser’s help has been utilized in a variety of international cases including one which led to the capture of a spy, and another where she assisted with the apprehension of five terrorists.

Mosser relocated to Florida after retiring from the Pentagon in1997, yet maintains involvement with both anti- and counter-terrorism initiatives through her work with a variety of international task forces striving to deter terrorist activities.

"Marian Mosser delivers just the type of professional authority we sought to develop these anti-terrorism courses for our Criminal Justice Program," says International College Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs Dr. Jeanette Brock.

"The majority of International College students are adults, and as such, they demand instruction from someone who can offer more than just knowledge of the course material, but also a valid context for applying that knowledge in real life situations. Professor Mosser’s expertise, along with her extensive life experiences, combine to provide a great educational opportunity for our students," says Dr. Brock.

Criminal Justice Program Chairman Dr. Joseph Kibitlewski concurs.

"Prior to the course offering, our college hosted meetings with representatives of law enforcement agencies throughout the region. They reaffirmed that there is a great need for individuals with training in both counter-terrorism and intelligence gathering, and for that, we wanted an instructor who could not only talk the talk, but walk the walk. The college feels very privileged to have attracted someone of Marian’s caliber. We anticipate the content and scope of these new courses will grow under her direction," says Dr. Kibitlewski.

For Mosser, the opportunity to teach reflects more than a career change, but also what she describes as "real potential" to bring about change in terms of effectively dealing with intelligence and its’ function in combating terrorism.

"We’ve entered into a pivotal era where law enforcement and security professionals must function at a different level if we’re going to get serious about fighting terrorism," says Mosser.

"My goal is train students to see problems with a new set of eyes, to listen with a new set of intelligent ears, and to respond to crisis with new, heightened resolve. Though I’m proud of my service to the nation, I’m especially passionate about education and proud to play a role in training those who represent our future leaders in the global struggle against terrorism."

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