Student Wins Best Paper Award

Hodges MBA student Elena Comperatore was awarded “Best Paper” in a session on management at the 2008 Applied Business Research Conference in Orlando. The paper, titled “Coping with Different Generations in the Workplace” was selected to win the award by the Clute Institute for Academic Research, which disseminates the latest scientific research on various business and economics-related topics.

“Elena exemplifies what we strive to shape in every Hodges University graduate,” said Dr. Fred Nerone, Dean of the Kenneth Oscar Johnson School of Business at Hodges. “Elena is an example of how a Hodges University student grasps the meaning of contributing significant research to a real world problem,” he said.  “Like many of her professors, she has a special sense for important relationships between business and societal issues.  She follows her instincts, unimpeded by dogma, and strikes out on her own to challenge the status quo and propose solutions to controversial problems, effectively establishing her own paradigm. 

“To be judged “Best Paper” out of over a dozen submissions from MBA students and Ph.D.’s alike is quite an accomplishment, and we are very proud of her.”

The report will be reviewed for possible publication in one of eleven academic journals published by the Clute Institute, which are utilized by students and academia throughout the world.

Comperatore also serves as Vice President of the Kenneth Oscar Johnson School of Business Club at the University.

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