Hodges University announces fall 2013 scholarship recipients

Hodges University is proud to announce the recipients of several private scholarships for the fall 2013 semester. The private scholarships of Hodges University are available through the generous donations of benefactors and foundations who wish to assist students to reach their academic goals by offering financial assistance in the form of scholarships.

The Jerry L. and Barbara J. Burris Foundation Scholarship: This award, named after Jerry and Barbara Burris, is designed to provide financial support to a single parent, male or female. This term, the scholarship is being presented to Tatiane Aponte, Theodore Cliser, Jenise Mahaffey, Amee Passione, Mican Reid, Gena Smith and Teresa Sparks.  

Friends of the University: This scholarship is funded by donations from private donors, institutional fund raising and other sources. The fall 2013 recipients are Barbaro Baez, Heather Batiste, Yunjia Feng, Rafael Gonzalez, Cheryl Larson, Deborah Poldvee, Scott Roberts, Christopher Spainhour, Erin Thorpe, Joseph Trattner and Christa Welch.

Dolph and Sharon von Arx Scholarship: Named after the University’s 2011 Humanitarians of the Year, recipients for the fall 2013 term include Amani Alhaddad, Tiffany Ballard, Desiree Boissiere, Kory Bozovsky, Gail Buffington, Nitho Calixte, Christine Carran, Blanca Carrasco, Max Cazeau, Michelle Cropper, Ronald Curry, Milter Desumours, Juan Carlos Diaz, Dominick DiMolfetta, Larry Elliott, Monya Grace Engle, David Fairman, Junshuai Feng, Tara Galeoti, Shelley Hackett, Heather Heinzeroth, Julia Jusko, Lisa Lewis, Kimberly Logan, Jennifer Mendoza, Joshua Moses, Corey Moss-Klassen, Simon Musler, Evelyn Nadia Olvera, Eibby Porras, Kevin Ramos, Reinaiddyn Reyes, Glenda Rodriguez, Kurt Schafer, Sandra Schlawpitz, Warleen Sotero, Jose Sotomayor, Nisa Staruch and Anastasia Struzynski.

Dr. William and Nancy LaScheid Scholarship: Named after the University’s 2012 Humanitarians of the Year, the recipient for the fall 2013 term is Citallali Bleem.

Cort Sayer Scholarship: Named in the memory of a beloved Hodges University employee, the recipient for the summer 2013 term is Yomari Schwarz.  

SAVE (Scholarship Assistance for Veteran Education) Scholarship: In its continuing efforts to help defer the costs of obtaining a degree for recently returning veterans, this scholarship is being offered to Alex Alvarez, Raina Burlak, Kevin Calfee, Elizabeth Etnoyer, Corwin Gooden, Jacob Hawkins, Evan Johndrow, Larry Layton, Shaun Lissow, Bryan Long, Flen Mobley, Michael Myers, Michael Reyes and Kenneth Squires, Jr.

The Local High School Graduate Scholarship is awarded to a student in the first term of attendance. In Lee County, Mia Bair, Brianna Bellucci, Merline Bernard, Danita Brown, Esteve Marc, Steven Mejia, Alicia Merritt, Ashley Suarez and Villaneda Karla. In Collier County, Liannys Alvarez, Kinole Bingham, Yoani Carral, Daniela Fernandez, John Jennings, William Lettner, Azia Mendez, Tomas Miguel, Tatiana Ortiz and Lynda Quintana also received the scholarship. 

The Local High School Academy Scholarship is awarded to a student who has graduated from local high school academies is Lee, Charlotte and Collier Counties. Recipients include Bridget Cortes, Taylor France, Leslie Frias, Josue Garcia, Derek Kruse, Jesenia Rodriguez, Mariah Rojas, Vivian Roman and Abys Ybarra.

Local Employers Scholarships are awarded to students in the local area. For Lee County, the recipients were Cassandra Byrd, Cord Iszler, Tara Polly and Kristal Wynn.  The Collier County recipients were Kristen Allen, Beatriz Alonso, Denise Barreto, Vicenta Chavez, Deanna Cleary, Carilyn Espinosa, Candy Ferrer, Courtney Hamilton and Amanda Wheeler.

Other scholarship winners include Alston Sealey (Moorings Park Foundation Scholarship), Brandon Palomino (Esparanza Award), Michelle Cropper (ICUF/FICF Scholarship), Maria Magistra (Girls and Boys Club Scholarship) and Jessica Stevens (Chance Scholarship).

To be awarded a scholarship, a student must either submit an essay on a particular topic or maintain a certain level of GPA, specific to each scholarship. For more information, contact Dr. Marcia Turner, Dean of Students, at (239) 513-1122.

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