Hodges hosts LeaderShape event for alumni

The Hodges University Alumni Association recently hosted a “LeaderShape” seminar for its members. LeaderShape is an influential organization of business leaders who have organized a nationally recognized program named CATALYST. The one day event was designed to help anyone start something extraordinary. It is based on LeaderShape philosophies about leading, inner work, and connecting with others. The event featured discussions designed to help the best of leaders improve their own skills and better understand the possibility in others.

“We hope that a bond will be formed among our alumni leaders that will spark the renewal of a supportive and influential organization for all graduates, both current and future,” said Wendy Gehring, President of the Alumni Association. “We talked about things that might hold us back from being as strong of an alumni association as found at many other fine institutions. This was great training for our alumni to add to their resumes. They truly enjoyed the presentation, and we are especially honored that a local benefactor, Wayne Smith, was kind enough to underwrite the event for our graduates.”

“The name Catalyst is exactly what it says,” replied one student.  “The experience was a catalyst in starting my journey of discovery.  This opportunity could not have come at a better time in my life.  I am very thankful for such a wonderful opportunity.”

Similar events are being planned for the near future for the Alumni Association. For more information, please contact Dr. Ron Bowman, Alumni Association Director at   (239) 598-6110.

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