International College Launches First Web Portal

Beginning this fall term, students, faculty/staff, and associates can take advantage of various resources available through International College’s new official web Portal. The fall term begins September 9.

The International College online portal will provide a broad array of resources and services to students, employees and associates including: email, discussion forums, search engines, and online shopping for textbooks.

The portal is designed to serve as a starting point for students, faculty, and other users to help them locate various types of information needed on the College, as well as the surrounding community.

“The portal supplies the College community with a central location that will allow users to branch off and obtain information that is useful to their needs, whether that information be to help them find information on the College, classes, homework, headline news, weather, or local concerts,” said International College Director of Information Technology Darlene Wilson.

Additionally, the portal will allow potential students to access areas of information that will help them gain more knowledge and understanding about International College, as well as the programs that are offered at the College. The portal will allow prospective student to experience a sample online course, as well as apply online for classes, and take a virtual tour of the Naples campus.

“This is the first version of the portal, because as the College grows, and technology advances, the functionality of the portal will continue to grow to meet the needs of its users,” Wilson said. “For example, we will eventually have the ability for students, faculty and staff to obtain information through the portal regarding grades and account balances, and other everyday essentials.”

Carlos Padilla, an International College Computer Information Technology major, shared his enthusiasm on the new portal.

“I think the new portal is great. It has a lot more features, so if you are a new student, there are links to places around town to go to, like movies and restaurants,” Padilla said. “For current students, there is the ability to do research without having to open other websites. The portal is definitely an easier and more convenient way to gather information.”

Please visit the International College Portal site at:
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