International College's Falciglia Art Gallery To Showcase Multi-Media Dauray Art

The Falciglia Art Gallery at International College hosts an exhibit, “Art From Nature’s Bounty,” July 12 to September 13. Charles Dauray, president and chairman of The College of Life Foundation, Inc., formerly the Koreshan Unity Foundation, Inc., created the art.

His collection will include 25 pieces featuring Paleolithic, Southwestern, Mayan and Aztecan art as well as nature, wildlife and Florida Everglades scenes. Dauray’s unique multimedia art comes to life through the use of abrus precatorius seeds, known locally as crab eye seeds or rosary beads because of their hard, glossy coating and red and black coloring.

The collection also will feature paintings using abrus precatorius fronds and oil paintings without 3-Dimensional mediums. A “Meet the Artist” wine reception will be held from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. July 26.

Dauray, also the Cypress Chapter President for the Izaak Walton League of America, a nationwide conservation organization, began painting 30 years ago. About three years ago, Dauray happened upon the seeds on Koreshan land.

“They were fascinating and beautiful,” Dauray said, adding that he experimented with them. By baking seeds in the oven, they turn from a red coloring to a tan, then brown, then black shade, depending on how long they were heated. “The more I worked with them, the more interesting I found them.”

Dauray decided shortly thereafter to encorporate the seeds into his oil paintings. The artwork was inspired by his interest in Neanderthal and Cro-Magnon art and by his exposure to Florida meteorology and the natural habitat that surrounds him on the Koreshan land.

“This art has a great amount of feeling to it. I created this art because I enjoyed the feeling I got when I completed it. My intention was not to end up displaying my work, but I’m delighted International College and others found it worthy of showing,” Dauray said. “I hope the exhibit is a success. I look forward to seeing people’s reactions.”

Melody Hainsworth, Ph.D., Vice President of Information Resources and Services at International College, said the College is thrilled to provide an avenue for a local artist and businessman to express, through art, his love for Southwest Florida history.

“It’s definitely a unique and interesting use of multi-media,” Hainsworth said. “I especially liked the use of native plants and the expression of Florida fauna combined with the vision of the southwestern area of Florida.”
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