Hodges University offerings in line with hottest careers

With the summer season approaching, many Hodges University students look to the recent graduates for inspiration to persevere so that they, too, will one day receive their degrees. The summertime also signifies a change for recent high school graduates as they prepare their new lives as college students. In their own way all students must answer the question, “what will be my career choice?” 

A recent report issued by the Bureau of Labor Statistics revealed the top 10 best jobs, utilizing surveys of industries that are doing the most hiring and are expecting the most job growth. Out of the group, many ranked as some of the most popular programs offered at Hodges. Among the most sought-after graduates today are those who majored in business, finance and information technology.

Dr. Fred Nerone, founding dean of the Kenneth Oscar Johnson School of Business at Hodges, has seen a large increase in the amount of students in the program. “The School has grown steadily from a handful of students in the early 1990’s to around 800 today, which equates to about 40% of our student body,” he explained.

Dr. Nerone concurs with the Bureau’s report. “The broad spectrum of degree programs in business, accounting, management, and public administration that we offer fills the needs of most employers in our region,” said Nerone.

Another reason that Hodges has seen success with many of their programs is the flexible scheduling that it offers. Many of the students have full time jobs, making it difficult to attend day classes. With evening and weekend classes, as well as online offerings, Hodges provides degree seekers with many different options in order to earn their degree.

Flexibility in scheduling works for both traditional and non-traditional students. “Even though our student body is mainly comprised of adult learners, we have seen a 59% increase in recent high school graduates in just the last year,” said Rita Lampus, Vice President of Student Enrollment Management. “Local high school graduates are considering Hodges University not only for the programs that we offer which fit with what they are looking for, but they also take into account the increased cost of going away to school. Plus, we provide the option of taking daytime, evening or online classes, and that combination really fits into their schedule. We present a more viable choice for traditional students with non-traditional responsibilities,” she said.

Hodges University continues to develop new programs to offer, and will launch a new American Studies program this fall. For more information regarding Hodges University, call (239) 513-1122.

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