CNE Naples Campus - Start with their Dreams and the Gifts will Follow and How to Reach Comprehensive & Capital Campaign Goals with Planned Gifts

Thursday, Oct 09, 2014 from 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Presentation #1: "Start with Their Dreams and the Gifts Will Follow"

Research shows that high net worth individuals expect fundraisers to understand their personal motivations while they ask professional advisors to demonstrate expertise in gifting techniques. It is also clear that the real driver for transformational gifts is the donor’s aspiration to fulfill a deeply felt dream. How can a fundraiser help a donor see the relationship between their dream and a charity’s mission and help the donor make the type of gift that accomplishes the dream?

This session combines the important work of helping donors envision reaching their philanthropic goals with major and planned giving techniques. Which techniques help donors discover their dreams, and which charitable tactics help them fund the dream? For instance, can a cash gift, combined with a gift through a will, trust or life insurance, bring the dream to fruition?


  • Understand the unique perspective the charity's representative brings to the conversation
  • Learn to listen for the intersection of the donor's desires and the charity's priorities, and
  • Consider the use of major and planned giving techniques to achieve the donors' desired outcomes.

Presentation #2: "How to Reach Comprehensive & Capital Campaign Goals with Planned Gifts"

For decades, charities have used campaigns as the preferred means of reaching higher levels of support. Many institutions are constantly moving from one stage of a campaign to the next; a feasibility study leads to a quiet phase, which leads to a public campaign, and the stewardship phase leads directly into the feasibility study for the next campaign. This cycle creates both major hurdles and a rotating set of opportunities for planned giving. While some development professionals and gift planning specialists see a capital campaign as a reason to put gift planning on the back shelf, more charities are realizing the numerous ways to incorporate philanthropic planning into campaigns.

While the best results come when planned giving goals are considered from the beginning of the campaign planning process, a well-informed and capable professional can bring transformational options to the table at any phase of a campaign. This practical, "how-to" session will engage adult learners in applying national standards to their institutions and reaching the apparently conflicting goals that will move their charity to much higher levels of support.


  • Become familiar with accepted methods of recognizing, reporting, counting and accounting planned gifts,
  • Understand a number of the opportunities and obstacles presented for gift planning by comprehensive and capital campaigns, and
  • Learn how to have a positive impact during any phase in the campaign cycle.

Working timeline:

8:30 am: Start with Their Dreams and the Gifts Will Follow

9:20 – 10-minute break

10:00 am: How to Reach Comprehensive & Capital Campaign Goals with Planned Gifts

10:20 – 10-minute break

11:30 am Conclude

Presenter: Scott Janney, EdD, Executive Director, AtlantiCare
Registration Fee: No Charge for GNAPGC - $35 for non-members
Location: Hodges University, Science & Technology Building, White Community Room
Address: 2647 Northbrooke Drive, Naples FL 34119
Category: Governance

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Registration Fee: No Charge for GNAPGC $35 for non-members

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