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Why is accreditation important?
Accreditation is a voluntary exercise and without it, colleges and universities cannot provide federal or state financial aid. There are six regional accrediting agencies in the United States and institutions accredited by these regional associations will usually accept credits in transfer from other institutions similarly accredited. In general, credits earned from nationally accredited schools will not be transferable to regionally accredited institutions.
See our Accreditation & Licensure page for more information about Hodges University accreditation.
Tell me about accreditation.
Please see our Accreditation & Licensure page.


How can I schedule a campus visit?
It’s easy! Just click on the ‘Schedule a One-on-One Visit’ link on the admissions website. Complete the form indicating what day and time is most convenient, and an Admissions Coordinator will contact you to confirm your appointment. Hodges University believes in the ‘one on one’ approach to college admissions, so you will be able to meet with an Admissions Coordinator, who will carefully walk you through the enrollment process, making sure you understand everything, every step of the way.
Do you offer residence housing?
Hodges University is a commuter school, so there are no residence halls available to students. However, if housing is required, your Admissions Coordinator will be happy to provide you with an updated Apartment Guide.
When are your admissions deadlines?
Applying to Hodges University is easy! Click on ‘Apply Now’ on the website and it will take you to our online application. Completing the application is easy and will only take you a few minutes. Submit the application and an Admissions Coordinator will be assigned to you. He/she will contact you very soon. Or if you prefer, you can visit one of our campus locations to obtain an application in paper form.


How large are the classes at Hodges University?
Hodges University is a small, private institution with an approximate 14:1 student/teacher ratio. We know that when the classes are smaller, the professors are able to give students personal attention. That’s what our students love about Hodges University.

Financial Aid, Grants, & Scholarships

Can I apply for financial aid?
Financial aid is available to all qualified students. There are grants and loans available to help offset the cost of your education. You may also be employed by one of our corporate partners which could earn you a tuition discount. Please check the corporate partner list linked to our admissions webpage. We encourage you to contact one of our financial aid professionals, who will take you through the financial aid process, step by step. Your admissions coordinator can help you get started.
What is FRAG and how can I apply for it?
The FRAG is the Florida Resident Access Grant and it is available to qualified students who choose to attend a private, regionally accredited college in the State of Florida. To qualify you must be a resident of Florida (for at least one year), not already have a bachelor’s degree and be registered for at least 12 credit hours. The FRAG is available in the Fall and Winter semesters and the amount of the grant varies according to what is approved in the Florida State Budget. This grant is not based on income. Ask your Admissions Coordinator for more information!


Which campus should I choose?
Convenience is the key! You can attend classes at one or both of our campus locations, depending on your personal schedule and preference each semester. Online classes are always an option too! We offer many online courses each semester to supplement your college schedule.  If you prefer to take your entire program online, we have many programs that are offered in the 100% online format.

Job Placement

Do you have job placement if I am looking for a new job or a new career?
Hodges University has a Career Development Department that will help with resume preparation, interviewing techniques, dressing for success and will also help you to find that perfect position! This is a lifetime service available to graduates, as well as currently enrolled students.
Where can I read about Employment Opportunities at Hodges?
If you are looking for job opportunities at Hodges, the page has been moved here.

You can also access it by clicking on the Quicklinks drop-down box at the top-right, and choosing "Employment Opportunities."

Tuition & Fees

How do I buy textbooks?
Hodges University has an online bookstore/spirit store at Books may be purchased using financial aid or cash.

From the moment you walk into the door, they are there to help you succeed.

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The Management Program is designed to provide students with a well-rounded background in the management discipline and is delivered in a fast-paced environment.

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