Center for Nonprofit Excellence (CNE)


Over the past 10 years the nonprofit community in Collier County has grown substantially. The CNE has kept pace, but has reached its capacity based on available staff and facility space. In order to grow the CNE, the Community Foundation has made a decision that a partnership with an educational facility is a strategic move that will fit well with its objective of nonprofit capacity building.   Hodges University and the Community Foundation have synergies that make this partnership the obvious and best choice. 


In Partnership with the Community Foundation of Collier CountyBoth organizations are held in high esteem by the community and both provide excellent programs and services. By combining efforts they can capitalize on the excellent services of the CNE and enhance the programming through the educational expertise of Hodges University. Distance learning, certificate programs, expanded areas of study and access to higher educational opportunities, are possible. 

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence will retain the name and focus of helping nonprofits meet their mission through strengthening their capacity to serve their clients. Seminars provide information on roles and responsibilities of board members, legal and financial best practices, strategic planning, fund raising, volunteer management and other topics relevant to the operations of a high quality organization.

The CNE will be located at Hodges University as a part of the Nichols School of Professional Studies. Faculty for the seminars will be recruited from the 99 full-time faculty, 79 adjunct or part-time faculty of Hodges and professionals from the for-profit and nonprofit community. The current VP of Nonprofit Programs and Director of the CNE will provide consultation and guidance on operations for the program and will teach classes as needed. 


CNE Fort Myers - Are you Listening to Me?

Communicating effectively is a skill.

CNE Naples Campus - Supercharge Your Event Ticket Sales

This presentation will help you increase your event ticket sales.

CNE Naples Campus - Understanding the Non-Profit Life Cycle

This seminar will lead participants through an organizational assessment to help identify where they are in this lifecycle and what the organization’s needs are.

CNE Fort Myers Campus - Volunteer Managers' Toolkit

The Link between Volunteer Recruitment and Placement

CNE Fort Myers Campus - Building Your Organization’s Capacity to Fundraise

This workshop will walk attendees through the steps to assess their organization’s preparedness.

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