Undergraduate Certificate in eDiscovery/eLitigation

This certificate program is intended to provide training to anyone in the legal profession who wishes to obtain a better understanding of the issues surrounding electronic discovery and litigation support. Issues surrounding electronic discovery, use of social media, eFiling, and eLitigation have a significant impact on the way legal professionals perform their daily tasks; this certificate is intended to provide the educational background necessary to address the concerns of our electronic age.

Online and Accelerated 
Courses for the Undergraduate Certificate in eDiscovery/eLitigation are offered online as part of our online learning experience, and in an accelerated format.

eDiscovery/eLitigation Legal Topics Include:


  • Protecting emails and text messages from the risk of discovery.
  • Responding to legal requests for ESI.
  • Creating predictive coding for electronic searches.
  • Reducing liability relating to the protection of ESI.
  • Archiving and documenting electronic evidence.
  • Privacy issues relating to the use of social media.

Why eDiscovery/eLitigation?

Is an Undergraduate Certificate in eDiscovery/eLitigation Right for Me?

The eDiscovery/eLitigation certificate is designed for practicing attorneys, paralegals, and legal assistants as well as students preparing for law school or a wide variety of law-related careers.

Changes in the process of collecting, organizing, and using electronic data have created a substantial need for effective training that can benefit legal professionals at all levels regardless of how long they have been in the profession.

An Undergraduate Certificate in eDiscovery/eLitigation Provides:

  • An awareness of the pitfalls and legal issues surrounding electronic data, filing, and litigation.
  • An opportunity to actively engage in simulations representing real-world scenarios.
  • An opportunity to use industry leading software applications to work through common and unique situations in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of the issues involved in modern discovery methods.


What Can I Do With an Undergraduate Certificate in eDiscovery/eLitigation?

The career outlook for law and legal occupations is positive.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics 2013 Occupational Outlook Handbook predicts an increase of 11% for all Legal Occupations and an 18% increase for Paralegals and Legal Assistants in particular from 2010 to 2020.*

http://www.bls.gov/ooh/Legal/Paralegals-and-legal-assistants.htm#tab-6 12-6-2013

Legal Studies Careers

  • Attorney
  • Legal Consultant
  • Legal Assistant
  • Legislative Liaison
  • Litigation Analyst
  • Paralegal
  • Court Administration
  • Court Clerk
  • FBI Agent
  • Government Relations Director
  • Politician
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public Service Administrator
  • Social Worker
  • Historian
  • Contract Administrator
  • Policy Developer
  • Superintendent
  • Investigator
  • Labor Relations


What Will I Learn?

There are no prerequisites for the eDiscovery/eLitigation certificate. Those interested in the certificate must meet the Hodges University admissions requirements and may enroll whether they have no college degree. Further, the certificate courses are fully accredited and can be applied towards the Legal Studies bachelor degree at Hodges University.

Hover over the course names below to view course descriptions.

Undergraduate Certificate in eDiscovery/eLitigation

Semester Hour Credit

LEA3055 eDiscovery

LEA3055- eDiscovery - 4 Credits

This course will focus on the effect of electronic information on the litigation practice. Specific areas to be covered include preservation of electronic information, data collection, production issues, spoliation of evidence, ethical issues, and admissibility. Students will be able to identify and discuss key terms and concepts associated with eDiscovery techniques.

LEA3065 eWorkshop

LEA3065 - eWorkshop - 4 Credits

This course will give students the opportunity to apply what they have learned in LEA3055 using real-world eDiscovery software from Access, Lexis/Nexis, etc. to work through a simulated case study. Students will be taught project management techniques including how to collect data, review and identify the data, then analyze it for litigation purposes.

LEA3075 Data Privacy and Social Media

LEA3075 - Data Privacy and Social Media - 4 Credits

This course will help students identify problem areas associated with data privacy and social media as it applies to the legal and business environment. The implications of using social media in the law office can be more profound and far reaching than some may expect and this course will teach students areas of concern and tips to avoid legal trouble caused by social media. This course is also intended to discuss the importance of data privacy and the safeguards necessary to protect data in an increasingly electronic society.

LEA3085 eLitigation and Litigation Support

LEA3085 -eLitigation and Litigation Support - 4 Credits

– This course will focus primarily on teaching students the necessary skills for litigation support in the electronic age. Students will learn the basics of eFiling at the state and federal level, preservation of litigation material, and trial presentation and support. Students will be able to identify various methods of litigation support techniques based on the type of case and issues presented for trial.


Total Undergraduate Certificate in eDiscovery/eLitigation


How is Hodges Undergraduate Certificate in eDiscovery/eLitigation Different?

Faculty Experience

Nichols School of Professional Studies faculty are highly experienced and qualified in the field. This real-world, applied knowledge is an invaluable resource for students studying to begin or advance their careers. Our faculty members recognize students as individuals and provide personal attention.

Completely Online and Accelerated Format

You can obtain your certificate completely online in just two semesters. You will quickly gain the knowledge you need with convenient online courses.

Accredited Degree Courses

The certificate courses are fully accredited and can be applied towards the Legal Studies bachelor degree at Hodges University.

More Information

For more information about our program or Hodges policies and procedures review our Student Handbook and our Graduate Bulletin.


What Will the Program Cost?

Hodges University tuition continues to be one of the lowest among private institutions in the state of Florida. Basic tuition for all undergraduate credit hour courses is $530.00 per credit hour.

Additional fees may apply. Books and supplies are not included in tuition. For a complete schedule of Tuition and Fees, see the current Catalog or Graduate Bulletin.

How Does Hodges Help?

Hodges University holds several fundraising events every year that benefit institutional scholarship funds. We also directly contribute an average of approximately two million dollars per year in loan offsetting funds to assist students in achieving their educational goals. Remember that tuition may be reduced by scholarships and grants and financial aid is available.

"They say your first impression is what counts. The first impression I received at Hodges when I was looking to enroll back in school was exceptional. Now I'm glad I chose Hodges, because it’s a great school." - Jeff Louissaint Applied Psychology Graduate 2012

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