Associate in Science in Management

The Associate in Science in Management prepares students for entry-level positions in small business management and starting basic service or retail ventures. Students choose an emphasis depending on their area of interest. The curriculum is designed to provide a foundation in management, marketing, computer applications, accounting, and essential written and oral communication skills. All credits earned from this degree apply toward the Hodges University Baccalaureate Degree in Management.

On Campus or Online, Traditional and Accelerated
Courses in the Associate in Science in Management degree are offered on campus or completely online as a part of our online learning experience. This program is also offered in an accelerated format.

Professionals with an Associate Degree in Management are:

  • Prepared to start basic service or retail ventures.


  • Excel in entry-level positions in small business, industry or government.


  • Prepared to pursue a Bachelor's Degree in Management.

Why Management

Is a Management Degree Right for Me?

An Associate in Science in Management degree might be a good fit for you if:

  • You are an entrepreneur interested on opening your own business.
  • You enjoy planning, directing, and coordinating activities.
  • You are looking for a career that offers diverse opportunities.
  • You want a career that will allow for advancement.
  • You are planning to continue your education towards a Bachelor's or Master's Degree.

A Management Degree Provides Options!

A management degree can be applied to any industry and most employers recognize the benefit of an employee with a management degree. In fact, many people choose to pursue a management degree to help them advance in their career. Entrepreneurs and those who seek to be self-employed also benefit from the well-rounded education they will receive while obtaining their degree, assisting them to be more successful in their endeavors.


What is the Management Career Outlook?

Management occupations are found throughout all industries in the economy and tend to be high paying: their median annual wage of $91,440 was higher than for any other occupational group. The high pay reflects the education and work experience that most of these occupations typically require.*

*Source: 11/4/2013

Management Careers

  • Retail
  • Training
  • Property Management
  • Administrative Services
  • Entrepreneurial
  • Food Service
  • Agriculture
  • Sales



What Will I Learn?

You may enter the Associate in Science in Management program during any semester. A full time student, enrolled in 12 semester credits per term, or typically 3 courses, can complete this program in approximately 2 years.

Hover over the course names below to view course descriptions.

Area I.

Management Component

A. Management Core Semester Hour Credit
ACG2001 Principles of Accounting I

ACG2001 - Principles of Accounting I - 4 Credits

This introductory financial accounting course is the first of a two course sequence dealing with the information needs of a variety of stakeholders. Topics include the accounting cycle and bookkeeping process, assets, liabilities, owner’s equity, income measurement, cash flow analysis and fundamental financial statements. Specific emphasis is on the sole proprietorship and partnership entities. Prerequisite: MAC1132 or permission of the Faculty/Program Advisor, Program Chair, and Dean.

GEB1012 Introduction to Business

GEB1012 - Introduction to Business - 4 Credits

A survey course in the principles of business as practiced in the market system economy. Topics include introductory studies in marketing, economics, human resources, forms of business ownership, global dimensions, organizational structure, management, business ethics, and financial terminology.

BUL3111 Business Law I

BUL3111 - Business Law I - 4 Credits

This course examines the history and development of the American legal system and the laws relevant to general business operations. These areas include, but are not limited to, an overview of torts, criminal law, contract, and sales law.

Prerequisites: GEB1012, ENG1101

ECO2013 Macroeconomics

ECO2013 - Macroeconomics - 4 Credits

A basic study of economics and cultural changes with research into the economics system; its development by free competition under the capitalistic system; the nature and evolution of money; the banking system; the laws of supply and demand; public production control.

Prerequisites: GEB1012, MAC1132

MAN2010 Principles of Management

MAN2010 - Principles of Management - 4 Credits

A study of management processes, resources and various organizational structures. Special emphasis is placed on human resources, leadership styles, and motivational practices.

Prerequisite: GEB1012

MKT2014 Principles of Marketing

MKT2014 - Principles of Marketing - 4 Credits

A survey course of the marketing of goods and services within the economy. This course covers both the consumer and managerial viewpoints and clarifies the role of marketing within a free enterprise system.

Prerequisite: GEB1012

MAN2999 Exit Assessment

MAN2999 - Exit Assessment - 0 Credits

This is a comprehensive examination covering the core Management and Liberal Arts courses studied in the Associate in Science in Management program. Students must take this exam during their last semester at Hodges University in order to graduate


Total Management Core


Emphasis (select one)

Small Business Management

MAN2100 Introduction to Small Business Management

MAN2100 - Introduction to Small Business Management - 4 Credits

This course provides the essential elements of creating, acquiring, and operating various forms of business such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, or corporations. Practical guidance is provided in the basic requirements of starting an entrepreneurial venture such as registering a trade name, choosing a form of operation, permitting, tax issues, and risk management.

Prerequisite: MAN2010

ACG2021 Principles of Accounting II

ACG2021 - Principles of Accounting II - 4 Credits

The second introductory financial accounting course continues coverage of accounting concepts as they relate primarily to corporations. In addition, a significant portion of the course focuses on managerial accounting concepts. Topics covered include corporate equity accounting, investments, financial statement analysis, break-even analysis, cost accounting models, performance measures, and budgeting.

Prerequisite: ACG2001

MAN2200 Capital and Resource Planning for the Small Business

MAN2200 - Capital and Resource Planning for the Small Business - 4 Credits

This course introduces the evolving field of small business capital and resource planning, acquisition, and management. Topics include sources of funding, methods of financing, control measures, working capital management, and basic strategies to maximize organizational outcomes.

Prerequisite: MAN2010 and ACG2021


Social Media Marketing

MAN2100 Introduction to Small Business Management

MAN2100 - Introduction to Small Business Management - 4 Credits

This course provides the essential elements of creating, acquiring, and operating various forms of business such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, or corporations. Practical guidance is provided in the basic requirements of starting an entrepreneurial venture such as registering a trade name, choosing a form of operation, permitting, tax issues, and risk management.

MKT3014 Service and eMarketing

MKT3014 - Service and eMarketing - 4 Credits

This is a survey course of marketing of services within a market based economy. This course will include the development of managerial strategies that serve to satisfy consumer and business-to-business market demand. This course presents services based and internet marketing from the perspective of the consumer to further develop the students’ understanding of the market place

Prerequisite: MKT2014

ISM3750 Technology Tools for Collaboration and Teamwork

ISM3750 - Technology Tools for Collaboration and Teamwork - 4 Credits

Recent IT spending studies rank collaboration tools as a top priority. Advantages of collaboration can include increased team productivity, reduction of project time, fewer meetings and less travel. On the negative side, executives are not sure about the possible security risks of Web 2.0 based collaboration tools. This course will explore the range and capabilities of modern web based tools and will not only help students develop the basic skills to use some of these tools but also to be able to evaluate the value vs. risk and to understand how they are being used effectively in many businesses today.


Total Emphasis

Area II.

Liberal Arts Component

CAP1000 Computer Applications

CAP1000 - Computer Applications - 4 Credits

This course helps students develop the knowledge and skills necessary to be able to use a computer effectively as a tool for productivity, communication, collaboration and problem-solving. The course coverage includes: knowledge of computer operations and file management, the use of email, navigating the Internet to search for information and resources, online safety, security and privacy, as well as the ability to use the current Microsoft Office suite including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access at a level of basic proficiency.

IDS1001 Foundations for College Success

IDS1001 - Foundations for College Success - 1 Credit

This course provides students with an overview of the five educational outcomes expected of all Hodges University graduates: Critical Thinking, Effective Communication, Initiative, Leadership Ability, and Research Ability. Students will be introduced to the Blackboard Learning SystemTM, library resources, APA format, as well as the Academic Honesty Policy and the Writing and Oral Communication requirements of the University. All students are required to take this course their first semester with the University. This course is graded on a pass/fail basis.

PSY1103 Strategic Thinking

PSY1103 - Strategic Thinking - 3 Credits

This course focuses on how critical thinking and attitudinal perspectives influence human behavior. Students are introduced to methods used in critical thinking, how attitudes are formulated and changed, how the human brain works and how critical thinking can be effective in higher education and their personal lives.

ENG1101 English Composition I

ENG1101 - English Composition I - 4 Credits

This course is designed to encourage students to evaluate their own writing practices, learn strategies to make their writing more effective, and then apply their understanding to expository and research writing. Students must pass this course with a grade of C or better.

Prerequisite: A score of 60 or better, or its equivalent on the language skills section of the CPAt test, a score of 65 or better on the language section of the COMPASS test, a score of 48 or better on the language section of the Online Entrance test, or ENG0991 and/or ENG0992 with at least a grade of C.

MAC1132 College Mathematics

MAC1132 - College Mathematics - 4 Credits

This course will provide the student with a firm understanding of college level mathematics as it relates to the contemporary world. Topics include critical thinking, set theory, logic, number systems, and an introduction to probability. Other topics include an introduction to Algebra and Geometry, solving linear equations, ratios, proportions, variation, percents and interest, measurement, and the metric system. Modern applications are emphasized with the above topics. All students must earn a C or better in this course.

Prerequisite: A score of 60 or better, or its equivalent on the mathematics section of the CPAt test, a score of a 50 or better on the mathematics section of the COMPASS Test, a score of a 18 or better on the mathematics section of the Online Entrance Test, or a grade of C or better in MAT0998

COM3015 Professional Communication

COM3015 - Professional Communication - 4 Credits

This course provides students with methods of subject development, research, and organization for oral presentation of information. Emphasis is placed on the practical application of skills in a professional setting. Students are required to use presentation software.

Prerequisite: ENG1101 or permission of the Dean of Liberal Arts.

PHI3601/3301 Ethics or Philosophy

PHI3301 - Philosophy - 4 Credits

This course acquaints the student with the most significant directions of philosophical thought to the end that the student may have the ability to formulate questions, arrive at reasonable answers, and evaluate those of others.

Prerequisite: ENG1101 and 30 semester hours

PHI3601 - Ethics - 4 Credits

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that explores both the theory and application of virtues and vices in all areas of our lives. The course investigates current issues and events in the light of various moral principles that justify, clarify, explain, and direct our actions and attitudes.

Prerequisite: ENG1101 and 30 semester hours


Total Liberal Arts Component

Total Semester Hours for Graduation Requirement



How is Hodges Management Program Different?

Class Size

Our small class sizes allow for enhanced individual attention.  With an average class size of 14 students, you will always receive the assistance and attention you need. 

Our Cutting Edge Curriculum

The courses in our Associate in Science in Management Program are contemporary and designed to offer students real-world, applied knowledge in their field of study.

Our Faculty

Our courses are taught by eminently qualified professors with extensive real world experience. The management professors are very sensitive to the needs of traditional students and adult learners and provide a learning environment that both excites and motivates students to succeed. Faculty and staff are available to students through a variety of communication mediums including regular, in-person office hour meetings; phone; email; and Blackboard virtual office.

Our Experience

Management faculty in our Johnson School of Business are highly experienced and qualified in their field of expertise. This real-world applied knowledge is an invaluable resource for students who are striving to further their careers.

Your Choice

You can obtain your Associate in Science in Management degree on campus, completely online, accelerated, or a combination of all. Chose the options that are most convenient for you!

More Information

For more information about our program or Hodges policies and procedures review our Student Handbook and our Current Catalog.


What Will the Program Cost?

Hodges University tuition continues to be one of the lowest among private institutions in the state of Florida. Basic tuition for all undergraduate credit hour courses is $530.00 per credit hour.

Additional fees may apply. Books and supplies are not included in tuition. For a complete schedule of Tuition and Fees, see the current Catalog or Graduate Bulletin.

Rewards Plan

Full time undergraduate students can take advantage of our Rewards Plan. Take an additional course at no extra cost and save up to 25% on undergraduate tuition.

Prospective students should contact Admissions at 844-HODGESU or for more information. Current students should contact the Registrar's Office at 239-938-7818 or for more information.

How Does Hodges Help?

Hodges University holds several fundraising events every year that benefit institutional scholarship funds. We also directly contribute an average of approximately two million dollars per year in loan offsetting funds to assist student's in achieving their educational goals. Remember that tuition may be reduced by scholarships and grants and financial aid is available.

"Hodges University provides a schedule that fits my needs. I enjoy my professors and the challenge of analytical and critical thinking." - Anthony Rodriguez, Management 2011.

Net Price Calculator

Use the net price calculator to estimate net price* information.

*Net price is defined as estimated cost of attendance — including tuition and required fees, books and supplies, room and board (meals), and other related expenses — minus estimated grant and scholarship aid to current and prospective students and their families based on what similar students paid in a previous year.

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Your Admissions Coordinator will:

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We look forward to welcoming you to the Hodges family!


From the moment you walk into the door, they are there to help you succeed.

- Tamika Seaton

Bachelor of Science in Management

The Management Program is designed to provide students with a well-rounded background in the management discipline and is delivered in a fast-paced environment.

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