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The Center for Nonprofit Excellence is offering a non-credit certificate in three different categories. The certificates are in Governance, Operations, and Management. To qualify you will need to register with us and complete four (4) workshops in one of the three categories. Each workshop has a category designation in the description. To complete the certificate registration form, click on the “CNE Certificate” link to the left.

CNE Fort Myers Campus - Beyond Sponsorship: A better approach to corporate funding

Asking for a large donation in the form of a sponsorship is thinking small.

CNE Naples Campus - Getting Started the Right Way, Bookkeeping for Nonprofits Using QuickBooks

Managing finances, including accounting properly for income and expenses, is a vital function in a nonprofit organization.

CNE Naples Campus - Washington Update: Impact on Philanthropy: What Happens Next in Congress

An update on the impact of the America Gives More Act

CNE Naples Campus - Human Resource Toolbox “All Hands on Deck”

To succeed in business, most leaders today rely on life's lessons in their universe of work as well as on academic lessons learned years ago.

CNE Fort Myers - Mindful Leadership

This workshop will provide participants with an introduction to Mindful Leadership, including an overview of emotional intelligence.

CNE Naples Campus - Board Governance as Effective Leadership

A third of board members are hardworking and dependable, a third will show up and do the minimum, and a third will do nothing much at all. Does this sound like your board?

CNE Fort Myers Campus - Understanding the Organizational Lifecycle

Understanding that there are predictable patterns and phases of an organization’s growth and development can help its leaders prepare for these situations and changes.

CNE Naples - Fundraising Level II

Attend this two-hour seminar to enhance your organization’s fundraising success.

CNE Naples Campus - Branding for Nonprofits: It’s More Than A Logo

Brand is defined as the marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products, but it goes deeper than that.

CNE Fort Myers Campus - Nonprofit Websites: Basics and Best Practices

By now, most nonprofits know that a website is important, but how do you know your website is the best tool to help you meet your mission?

CNE Naples Campus - Developing a Customer Service Plan

Ways to provide a “wow” experience and not just create satisfied customers, but loyal customers.

CNE Fort Myers Campus - The Art and Science of Persuasive Presentations

Every live presentation presents a chance to create positive change in the world.

CNE Naples Campus - Starting with the Why: Marketing That Builds Your Nonprofit’s Brand

Get tools for preparing your marketing and media plans.

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