Center for Nonprofit Excellence Events

The Center for Nonprofit Excellence is offering a non-credit certificate in three different categories. The certificates are in Governance, Operations, and Management. To qualify you will need to register with us and complete four (4) workshops in one of the three categories. Each workshop has a category designation in the description. To complete the certificate registration form, click on the “CNE Certificate” link to the left.

CNE Fort Myers Campus - Developing a Fundraising Strategy

Learn how to take the fear out of fundraising for you, your board and volunteers.

CNE Naples Campus - Understanding the Generational Mix in the Workplace

Each generation has unique attitudes, values, traits and behaviors shaped by shared life experiences.

CNE Fort Myers Campus - Managing Confrontations and Conflicts

This workshop is based on the assumption that conflicts are a normal and healthy part of life.

CNE Naples Campus - Understanding the Organizational Lifecycle

Understanding that there are predictable patterns and phases of an organization’s growth and development can help its leaders prepare for these situations and changes.

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